Hi, my name is

Bryan Yi.

I build things for the web.

I'm a self-taught software engineer with a passion for building robust applications and tinkering with technology. Currently, I'm focused on developing customer-centric web apps at The Ridge and writing blogs to give other self-taught engineers guidance that I wish I had.

About Me

Hello! My name is Bryan, and I enjoy the creative and systematic process of bringing software to life. My interest in web development started when my friend introduced me to a web development Udemy course. It was a light-bulb moment that made me realize my passion for building and creating.
Today, I have the privilege of building and maintaining web technologies at The Ridge.
I also recently started blogging on Medium to provide resources that I wish I had for other self-taught software engineers.
Here are a few technologies I've been working with lately:
  • Java / Spring Boot
  • Go
  • NextJS
  • Typescript
  • Docker
  • NodeJS
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Where I've Worked

Web Developer @ The Ridge

July 2021 - Present

  • Engineered Next.js/Typescript, TailwindCSS,, and Netlify to build faster landing pages that can be quickly iterated by the marketing and design teams while maintaining speed performance from over a second to 500ms.
  • Developed new workflows to efficiently streamline the integration and iteration of code base and third-party apps used by the marketing team to work with the integration of Webpack.
  • Collaborated with designers to improve user interface, user experience, and mobile responsiveness by adjusting SCSS and restructuring HTML/Liquid pages to achieve and maintain scalability.

Some Things I've Built

Strings and Tones Spring Boot Microservices
The goal of this project is to develop a working knowledge of building basic microservices using SpringBoot and Docker. This project is the backend of an eCommerce store that sells guitars and effects pedals, which is built with a microservice architecture.
JavaSpring BootAPI GatewayEurekaDocker
Strings and Tones Spring Boot Microservices
Custom Load Balancer in Go
Custom Load Balancer in Go
After building a microservice backend with Spring Boot's API Gateway, I was interested about the inner workings of a loadbalancer. This project is a simple custom loadbalancer using the round-robin algorithm to cycle through 4 servers. Similarly to Spring's API Gateway, there's a YAML file to register the endpoints that will be used. This project also served to help get some practice using Go for the first time.

Get In Touch

I'm always open to chatting about software engineering, tech, and building my network. Feel free to send me an e-mail any time!

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